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Develop the Skills You Need to Enhance Your Resumé, Land the Interview, and Secure the Job

In 2021, there was a record breaking number of 10.9 million job openings available in the USA. Yet, millions of job seekers still struggled to land interviews and get hired.

The truth is, many companies are using recruitment tools to help them filter through more resumés in less time. Unfortunately, resumés that are not formatted correctly, don’t use certain types of keywords, or don’t demonstrate proficiency of certain skills are automatically rejected. As a result, many resumés never make it on the screens of hiring managers.

That’s why this short, actionable course was created.

Who this course is for:

Whether you are seeking new job opportunities, rejoining the labour force after a break, or preparing to take your career to the next stage, this course will help you:

  • Build a professional, competitive, and eye-catching resumé
  • Brush up on or improve your job interview skills
  • Prepare to take on a new role or safeguard against redundancy
  • Learn the skills to gain a competitive advantage over other job seekers

What’s waiting for you inside this course:

This easy-to-follow training course was designed to help job seekers increase their chances of being seen by hiring managers, making a lasting impression on interviews, and securing the job.

  • Learn How to Build a Resume that Gets You In the Front Door
  • Get the 411 on Getting and Keeping the Job
  • Become Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Learn How Staffing Agencies Help Job Seekers Get More Opportunities

What makes this course special:

Tania is a recruitment specialist who knows what interviewers and hiring managers are really looking for in today’s job search market. Vinzanna is a certified Microsoft Expert and digital trainer who helps people overcome their technology fears and become proficient in the most essential Microsoft Office products.

In this course, Tania and Vinzanna give up-to-date training and resources that you can put into practice right away. By the end, you’ll be able to seek new job opportunities, rejoin the labor force, or take your career to the next stage with confidence.

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Please note the following terms of our policy:

No Refunds: Once registered, participants are not eligible for a refund. We encourage you to review the course outline and details carefully before enrolling to ensure it meets your needs and expectations.

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Last updated Feb 5, 2024

Boost your career journey with our expert-led course, offering lifelong access to essential job-seeking skills. Learn to craft standout resumés, excel in interviews, and master Microsoft Office under the guidance of recruitment specialist Tania and certified Microsoft expert Vinzanna. Perfect for new entrants, those eyeing career growth, or seeking a competitive advantage, our course ensures you navigate the job-seeking process with confidence. Elevate your employability and distinguish yourself among applicants with our comprehensive, always-accessible training.

Expert Insights
Gain insights from industry professionals with years of experience in recruitment and digital training, providing learners with insider knowledge to navigate the job-seeking process effectively.
Flexible Learning
The course offers self-paced modules, allowing learners to adapt their training schedule to fit their personal and professional commitments.
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Job Seekers Bundle

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